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burger-pic1We produce honest, organic and hand made food with a passion for health. Every¬†ingredient, we use has healing properties.¬†¬†Delicious foods from a ancient health¬†philosophy. The Hemp-burger is a tasty and spicy health snack. With¬†ingredients that tell their own tale by¬†healthy natural¬†properties. Healthy food is now tasty, spicy¬†and¬†mouth watering good ūüôā

VegavlammetjesOur burgers are offered sealed and frozen for our customers to keep them fresh and full of taste.

We also offer exclusive, tasty, spicey and healthy (vegan) Hemp-snacks, such as the “Vegan¬†Flames” and the “Hot Hempies”.

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We take sustainability and our carbon footprint seriously. We work with Robin Food, our social kitchen partner. We both love Hemp, healthy food and a vegan lifestyle.

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Call us for a free taste try out or a first order at¬†15% discount (all excl. VAT/BTW). ¬†¬†Let’s make your customers feel good!

Please contact us for more information, introduction- or volume- discounts. Order your sealed frozen Hemp Burgers and Hemp-snacks by using the form below please.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.